The use of the Aluminum Truss Stage triangle is relatively wide

  • The use of the Aluminum Truss Stage truss is limited or wide, and such finished products must not be used in two consecutive three, which is very good in nature. It is also very sweet for our words. The characteristic of the aluminum truss is the lead glass either tempered glass? How much thick? Next, we will talk about the bonic traits of common stage truss to facilitate your selection. The advantages of the necessary products in the next side:

    Features of tempered glass stage truss: glass is raised into a honeycomb, which will never cause significant derivation of the body. Anti-bending strength: The anti-bending strength of tempered glass is 3-5 times the ordinary glass.

    Aluminum alloy truss scaffolder

    The safety factor of tempered glass is exceeded with ordinary tempered glass.

    After being broken, there will be no zero knock down, but the whole piece is glued in the same stage, and it will not be safe. The price of aluminum truss is slightly higher than the thick ordinary tempered glass, Hangzhou Bai Ming Stage Glass Co., Ltd. is selected to work with a well-established glass manufacturer. This stage truss has the following features:

    Weather resistance, alkaline acid resistance, not yellow, hydrolysis;

    Long service life, more than 3 years more than another data and products;

    Good light transmission, more than 92%, small light intensity, electricity is saved;

    Strong anti-impact power is 16 times that of ordinary glass, suitable for places where it is necessary to be special as Taishan;

    Good insulation is good, suitable for various electrical equipment;

    Since heavy, it is slightly semi-pull than ordinary glass, and it is constructed with the load small and bracket;

    Colorful color, high brightness, is the rest of the bones;

    Strong plasticity, the styling should be large, easy to process, high recovery rate, and the environmental protection of environmental protection.