Kandarin Diary. The primary reward: Kandarin

  • The main reward is Desert Amulet 4 - It is an amulet that Madden nfl 22 coins does not offer any benefits directly that would increase the player's performance. It instead, Desert Amulet 4 provides unlimited Nardah teleports. This could be very useful for amulet players, and puts them very in close proximity to Elidinis Statuette.

    The shrine is completely healing for the player, cures poisons, recovers stats, and also fills running energy. Additionally, Desert Amulet provides bonuses like the possibility of a quick escape at Kalphite Lair, additional Pharaoh Sceptre bonus, as well as protection from the scorching desert heat. It's also worth noting that Desert Diaries are one of the most difficult quests to complete.

    Falador Diary. Main reward: Falador Shield 4 - Acts as an Adamant Shield but it's different and has +5 Prayer. The main advantages of possessing this item are: +10% experience from Falador Farm activities, higher chance of receiving clue scrolls from guards, access to a bank chest in Crafting Guild (which is fastest bank teleport in the game while possessing Crafting Cape), tree patch in Falador won't get sick, full Prayer recharge twice a day, many new shortcuts and more.

    Fremennik Diary. Main reward: Fremennik Sea Boots 4 - These boots offer the same advantages as Adamant Boots However, in addition, they improve both Ranged as well as Magic attack by +2. Even though these stats don't look impressive but this piece of gear has more to offer:

    Access to two additional Lunar Magicks (Tan the Leather, and Recharge Dragonstone), unlimited transfer options to Rellekka numerous new shortcuts, ability to teleport in Jatizso or Neitiznot by using Enchanted Lyre and much more. Additionally it is now no longer necessary to need a seal of passage to access Lunar Island.

    Kandarin Diary. The primary reward: Kandarin Headgear 4 - Although it's the same size similar to Mithril Med Helm, it offers various bonuses similarly to other Elite Diary rewards. The bonuses are:

    33% more efficient spinning on Seers Village Spinning Wheel, which can prove useful for people looking to earn an extra gold coin there. 15 percent more marks of grace from Seers Village Agility Course that can be utilized to make the process of the task of farming for Graceful Outfit slightly less painful. A possibility to transfer Camelot to teleport Castle directly towards the bank entry point. 10% more buy mut coins madden 22 rewards from Barbarian Assault, as well as other benefits.