After 30 or so decades, people still brag about that

  • I've had no experience playing Tecmo Bowl. This is the truth from Madden 22 coins God. I've seen others play it a lot. However, I knew what I could accomplish. I knew how was possible that the Tecmo Bowl man could do. It's a joy hearing people compliment me after that game.

    One of the aspects of your video game return to Madden is celebrating Nike's legendary Bo Knows campaign. Rewind to the beginning. How did Bo Knows present the idea for Bo Knows to you?

    We happened upon Bo Knows accidentally. Writers, directors, sketchers -- we were sitting around going over some storyboards to shoot our next project. We wanted to cut the length as it was way too long. Everyone was giving their thoughts on this and that. I just said, 'Why why don't we try this? ... Then why do we not move this over here, place this here, join it, and take out five or six moments?' They looked to me in awe and then replied "Wow. It's likely to work. Then someone across the table glanced at me in a way and said 'Bo Knows!' and it stuck. There was no one who sat and thought about it or stayed up all night trying to think of the catchy phrase. It just happened at the table talking about the latest news.

    Before you received the signature shoe, it was Nike Air Bo Turf, in 1990, you headlined by wearing the Nike Air Trainer 3, which became the name of your shoe. What are the memories you have about the Air Trainer 3?

    So, let me present it in the following way. In 1969 as I was in the very first grade in rural Alabama during winter months, it was in between 30 and 40 degrees out. And I had to go to school naked. Shoes were not allowed. I'm not expressing this for an apology or as a sob story. However, I do remember my brother being a block away from his house. I'm in front of the door. Our sister was a one block from his brother, and our other sister was waiting at the stop for buses. My sister who was at the bus stop noticed the bus at the top of the hill only a couple of kilometers away, she'd shout at my sister, who would then yell at my brother. And my brother would yell to me. Then I'd walk out the door barefoot. At the point that my brother was able to reach my first sister, I would've caught him already. At the time we made it close to our bus stop I'm 15, 20 yards in front of my sister and brother. From attending school in barefoot during the winter of '69 to growing older and having my own sneaker that was inspired by me ... My life was fortunate.

    After 30 or so decades, people still brag about that shoe and want to collect the shoes. Some time ago I had a friend who I am, Anthony Anderson, the comedian, texted me: Hey, Bo! I'm doing a comedy show about everything I wear in my shoes. I can't find the Air trainers you have. I'm looking for a pair of your shoes it just came to pass that I had one in my office. I said, 'Hey! I've found buy mut coins madden 22 one here. I'll send these to you.' It's moments like that where I sit in my chair and think, 'Wow!.'