D2R Runes Guide: Where to Get Diablo 2 Resurrected Runes Effect


    D2R Runes are powerful items, you can use runes in different slots of your equipment to increase the power of the D2R item. You can also sort and combine runes into runewords to create rarer, more powerful runes. RPGStash will introduce the D2R Runewords Planting Guide.

    You can find Diablo 2 Resurrected Runes by:

    Found in containers
    Created by the Horadric Cube
    Looted from Mobs

    This is common practice, but the chances of finding runes with this method are low and the quality is low, and you need to find the best place to farming runes.

    Best Farming Spots for D2R Runes

    1. Diablo 2 Act-1 - Black Marsh

    In Nightmare and Hell, find Black Marsh's Forgotten Tower. Black Marsh is a great place to grow runes, which can give you a ton of runes. The quality of the runes of Nightmare and Hell will be increased.

    When you reach level 5 of the Forgotten Tower, enter the room next to the entrance to level 5. You need to take the minions inside and once the minions leave you will see the Countess. Take her out too, and depending on your luck, you'll get 1-3 runes.

    2. Diablo 2 Act-4 - The Hellforge

    The Hellforge in Act 4 is also a great place to find runes, which you'll get for completing Mephisto's Soulstone quests.

    Hephasto the Armor guards the Hellforge. When you defeat him, you will get his Hellforge Hammer. Once you have the hammer, Mephisto's Soulstone will appear, and when you smash it, you'll get a rune and some gems.

    3. Diablo 2 Act-5 - Mount Arreat

    In Mount Arreat Act-5, you'll get three lower quality runes, but they can be used later in the Horadric Cube to create higher level runes. So it is also very worthwhile for players to have.

    Free 15 Barbarian Warriors at the behest of Barbarian Captain Qual-Kehk. This will complete the Mount Arreat quest and reward you with three runes.

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