The Characteristics of Bottle Blowing Machine

  • The air without oil locking technology, clamping force, and toggle force into operation, long service life. Patented technology to fly out of the seal, the seal, especially the wide mouth bottle sealing is easier. The use of PET Blowing Machine , touch screen, touch screen, easy to operate, high reliability.

    Bottle blowing machine definition

    Is a simple machine, carefully say machines are producing hollow containers. Generally, there are two, pneumatic blow molding machine and hydraulic bottle blowing machine, pneumatic within the general production 10L, while the hydraulic pressure is generally considered more than 10L, because of the high energy consumption of his. In a broad sense, the bottle blowing machine includesPressesHollow forming machine, injection blow molding machine and now used a number of two - step blow molding machine, etc.!

    At present, most of the bottle blowing machines are still two - step blower, that is, we must firstPlastic raw materialsMake a bottle embryo, and then blow. Nowadays, it is generally used for the environmental protection of PET material.Plastic. Blow molding machine: liquid plastic is sprayed out, the use of the machine blow out of the wind, the plastic body will be blown to a certain shape of the mold cavity, so as to make products, this machine is called blow molding machine. Is also a bottle blowing machine, that is, hydraulic bottle blowing machine.

    Thermoplastic resin by extrusion or injection molding of a tubular plastic parison, while it is hot to softening state), placed in of mold, mold closing after immediately in the parison pass into the compressed air and the plastic parison inflation and close in on the inner wall of the mold, the cooling and demoulding is obtained various hollow products.

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