We reconnected with a friend from vanilla

  • When I first began playing in the TBC on laughing skull there were 3 main players who would always talk about trade chat I got involved in the conversation at one point and WOW TBC Gold began to discuss about how I couldn't afford flying. One of the players wrote me enough gold to buy the mount and flight.

    As well, a buddy and I spent many hours running from the coast of orgrimmer with ankhs , and battling the fatigue zone in order to get to GM isle. We got the closest we could possibly get. We weren't able to get the corpses returned, so we filed an GM ticket. The GM simply ported to us, asked "Why" and then rezzed.

    It was some time ago, when I was a young person when I came across another person searching in the same place as me. Ashenvale If I recall exactly. They assisted me on a kill quest they were in, and we started chatting. They asked me if I'd played for a few months, and we stayed talking. I gained lots about the game from them, along with tips and general wow knowledge.

    They told me they wanted to buy me things that will last. I said I was fine, I had two already from a fellow friend who played the game, and I was pretty certain that it was a scam perhaps, because random people aren't this nice, right? This was a scam. I wasn't sure how it could have happened. It was true that I was foolish. I finally gave up and agreed to let them buy me some.

    They couldn't trade me with the gold in order to purchase family heirlooms, since we were both on separate servers, so they required me to make a char on their server and they provided me with enough gold to purchase 3 pieces (I think). I remember being in the ironforge thinking of how absurd the whole process was.

    We weren't bnet buddies (partly because I didn't know how to accomplish that) Also, I don't remember their name, but it was one of the most pleasant things someone did for me while learning the game. If you're around I'm still grateful to you man!

    We reconnected with a friend from vanilla that we leveled with and then continued to communicate following, after our server was divided and we each chose various servers (language preference) Then he gifted me gold in exchange for The Unstoppable Force, I had buy WOW Classic TBC Gold no money and he was aware that it was my "dream".