Through the decades, Thrall wielded the Doomhammer

  • It's possible that thrall lost his warrior abilities due to a lack of WOW TBC Gold practice as most of the time he uses his shaman abilities since after the war ended with archimonde Warcraft 3. It's possible that thrall was weaker as a fighter at that time. Since he's now holding dragora the throne of warriors, he's more like and he could likely kill the makgora garrosh with an axe throw "for Azeroth!" Like the way he killed Helya!

    Even though Thrall killed Garrosh using his shamanistic abilities but he still felt guilty regarding how he handled his incident, and also how Garrosh ended up dying due to Thrall's actions as well as all the other circumstances that led to him losing his powers.

    Does he truly have lost his powers though? The earth bridges he summons are in legion and in the sanctum de domination. More importantly, he has refused to use the powers that he was given to kill garrosh.

    But he's feeling guilty. He discusses this in conversation with drake in korthia. She assures him that it isn't his blame.

    In the internal debate, Thrall splits between guilt and the truth that the murder was his responsibility. The moment he killed garrosh, the thrall said that garrosh was responsible for the choices he took. He was devastated that garrosh was the one who had caused him to go down the path to these choices. After the conversation with drake that thrall would return to his spirit-filled self.

    After Assault on the Broken Shore, Thrall tells the Shaman the explorer that since Garrosh was killed, he had felt as if Doomhammer was just a burden in his hands, and that the Elements had left him.

    In the past, long before Orgrim handed the Doomhammer to Thrall He confessed that although the weapon had once brought him closer to the elements, after a while it was a dead weight on his shoulders.

    Through the decades, Thrall wielded the Doomhammer with honor and integrity. However, following the execution of the evil warchief Garrosh Hellscream Thrall felt at odds. The conflict within him was visible in the Doomhammer too. To Thrall's view, the weapon that had been a symbol of righteousness and justice had turned into a symbol for vengeance.

    History repeated itself as the Doomhammer was again the cheap WOW Classic TBC Gold status of a "dead weight." Many think about whether the Doomhammer will return to its role as a symbol of righteousness fury.