Is a bunyip a viable alternative? Have you ever tried

  • I'm nearly done The Void Stares Back quest, but there's just one RuneScape Gold problem: The"Pest Queen... I've made it through four attempts, and so far this is a brief summary. Attempt 1: D platelegs, d'hide top, neitz helm, d def, korasi sword. Inv: 5 pray pots and the rest of the rock tails. I got the Pest Queen up to halfway and then ran out of spec, I had to port. Two attempts: Same armour. Inv: 5 pray pot, super str pot, ambush scrolls, spirit Kyatt, rocktails.

    Have gotten the Pest Queen down to half once more, however, I had difficulty using Kyatt as it didn't need to take a pounce once the it was clicked. Died due to lagg. Third attempt: D'hide legs/top and another armour with the same. Inv: 5 sara brews, 4 super restores, ambush scrolls, Kyatt.

    Pest Queen reduced to half, in violation of the rules attempted to get the defilers stuck behind Queen, ended up getting owned by 4 defilers. The defilers were ejected. 4th attempt: Similar to attempt 3. Inv: Pray pots boulders, Kyatt. Inv: Ran out of spec. food was at 3/4 Queen health. I had trouble locating a defiler, killed three rangers.

    I have 80 attack and the 83 str (almost an 84) and 80 defense. So what I'd like to know is: Is there any way, other than using herblore that is over 80 for me to return spec attack to the sword? Is using a tort as more food a better idea over spirirt kyatt? Because it seems like kyatt misses when it pounces, and isn't keen to pounce upon clicking the special attack option.

    Is a bunyip a viable alternative? Have you ever tried maging or ranging the queen (I possess 90 mage and 77 % range)? What is the best combination of armour? (Karils is an option for me.) Are there any safespots of the Queen's beginning of the game so that I can concentrate on the defilers? Is the Queen invulnerable to cut, stab or crush? It's a lot of concerns, but I'm looking for the sword right now! I'm grateful for any assistance.

    I have to ask, what's the most effective way to reach 70? I'm doing papayas and yews at the moment, but from the articles I've read, that's probably not the best idea. Additionally, what can you buy gold in osrs number of runs Wood trees plus fruit trees will be required to reach that point because I'm too stupid to make herb runs.