As as a Combat Pure, you always must decide


    A character that has the highest levels of Defence and Range. In addition, gaining points in Defence allows them to use Barrows equipment. They typically strive for at least 94 Magic to RS gold use Vengeance in the course of a battle. To counteract the high levels of Ranged, Defence, as well as Magic skills, players usually reduce their Attack, Strength and Prayer abilities.

    It's a member's edition that is a member's version of Rune Pure. Since dragon-tier items need 60 Defense and 60 Attack these stats are required to play Dragon Pure. The typical speed for this build includes Dragon Scimitar and a Dragon Dagger (p++) to add an extra unexpected element of surprise that is derived from the special attack. If you want to add more flavor to this design can opt for Dragon Claws special attack.

    Not least there is an account for Barrows account in this list. As the name suggests it uses Barrows equipment. Barrows equipement, and needs 70 defense. Another stat that is typically adjusted is Prayer which is capped at 70 to be used for Piety prayer. The Strength and Attack levels need to be increased so that players are equipped to wear things like Dharok's greataxe.

    Since these accounts typically max nearly everything, with the exception of Defence and Prayer, they aren't as strict like other pures. A lot of players who select this route for their account are primarily using them. This means they utilize PvE content , as well as other features that are not combat abilities.

    The above entries are an example of the typical pures that are used most often in Old School RuneScape players. While they are great when it comes to player versus players, there's also different ways to create characters that are more efficient. If you're looking to create your own unique character characters, you are able to decide which factors are crucial for you, and what are not.

    Be sure to not pass certain checkpoints. For instance, if you are planning to create an Pure which is specialized in Ranged ensure that you increase the stat while keeping your melee stats low. If you are planning to sneak a an attack that is a special one of Granite Maul into it then go for 50 in Strength and Attack, but not more than the two. Also, you will require at minimum 43 prayers for defensive prayers such as Protect from Melee. The more special tools and attacks you can use the higher your combat level will increase Be sure to be aware of the levels you can achieve.

    As as a Combat Pure, you always must decide at the beginning which skills are more important to your character than other skills. The suppression of certain skills will significantly reduce the combat level of your character and makes it easier for targets to take out. It is not advisable to buy OSRS GP complete your training in melee too fast because it could affect your ability to hit in high numbersof targets, and, consequently, it gives your adversaries plenty of time to replenish the health they lost through food.