Clan Wars (Safe). This allows players from two opposing


    Fremennik Diary. Main reward: Fremennik Sea Boots 4. This pair of RuneScape Gold shoes provide similar benefits to Adamant Boots however they also boost in both Ranged as well as Magic attack by +1. Although the stats aren't great however, this item provides more:

    Access to two additional Moon Spells (Tan leather and Recharge Dragonstone) Unlimited transfer options to Rellekka as well as a variety of new shortcuts, the ability to travel from Jatizso or Neitiznot with Enchanted Lyre and much more. In addition you no longer require a Seal of Passage to gain access to Lunar Island.

    Kandarin Diary. The primary reward: Kandarin Headgear 4 - Although it has the same statistics similar to Mithril Med Helm, it has a number of bonus options similar to the other Elite Diary rewards. The bonuses include:

    33% more efficient spinning on Seers Village Spinning Wheel, which is a great benefit for those looking to create more gold coins. 15% more marks of grace from Seers Village Agility Course that can be used to make farming for Graceful Outfit more difficult. There is a possibility of moving the Camelot to teleport the castle directly to the bank's entrance. 10% more rewards from Barbarian Assault, and many other benefits.

    If they can complete each Achievement on each of the challenges in the Achievement Diary players can gain access to a unique Achievement Diary Cape, which they can purchase at Twiggy O'Korn in Draynor Village for 99,000 coins. Furthermore, they'll also be awarded by a unique hood which matches the cape.

    Duel Arena (Safe). It is as the name implies. Duel Arena allows players battle against each players. This place also has available rules specific to the game that can be set up to increase the excitement (like taking gold coins). It is accessible to both members and free to play for those who want to play adventure.

    Clan Wars (Safe). This allows players from two opposing Friends Chats to compete against eachother. There isn't any reward for this activity... perhaps, but not much glory.

    Last Man Standing (Either Safe or Dangerous , based on the game mode). It is in the Castle Wars area players can speak to NPC Lisa which can enroll them in LMS. This activity is basically a battleground minigame implemented in RuneScape. The rules are identical to other battleground games - players are transported to the island in search of a equipment and then battle the other. The OSRS Gold Buy game will end when only one person remains there. There is a reward of 1.5mil for first place and 500k for the second when playing in competitive mode.