New World: Some players on Steam criticized the recent changes

  • Over the past 30 days, New World’s overall player reviews on Steam have dropped from mostly positive to a mixed state of good and bad reviews.

    And these feedbacks mainly Buy New World Coins criticized New World's series of errors and problems in its sharpening process.

    Players think that New World's game foundation is very good, but some of the decisions made by the upper level of the game team seem to be poor. Some of them feel sad that they have to write negative reviews, because New World is essentially an excellent game.

    A player who has played for more than 200 hours expressed his unhappiness in the comments. He believes that the current New World is not worthy of him to continue playing. Other players expressed his criticism of the game team because it was their negligence that caused the item fraud and loopholes in the game, as well as some other errors and problems, which are so fragile that they make the player’s account look like Not rigorous and safe at all.

    Another player who has played the game since the release of the game said that he enjoyed it from the release of the game to the first update in late November, but they increased the difficulty and weakened the players who did not run the PTR version. . It hopes that New World can solve some of the problems caused by this update as soon as possible.

    According to a recent news, we learned that New World had reached an impressive historical concurrency peak of nearly a million players on October 3rd. But New World lost a part of its player base just over a month after it was launched on PC.

    Amazon said a few weeks ago that it would punish players who severely exploit coin loopholes, such as permanently banning their accounts.

    New World players stumbled upon a loophole in the game while trading, and chose to exploit it. Therefore, Amazon had to ban players from trading in a short period of time to solve related problems. Community manager Luxendra stated in a forum post that they have permanently banned the accounts of players who use coins and items to deceive. The short-term prohibition of trading is not a light decision, because they believe that the ability to trade and improve settlements is a very important and interesting aspect of the game that must be preserved.

    In the case of a decrease in the number of players on certain New World Coins servers, the consolidation of servers will also be carried out later.

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