Despite many presuming the Winter Refresh would be on its way

  • EA confirm Carniball is coming to FIFA Coins. The classic FIFA party promo is on its approach to FUT.It's official, Carniball is arriving to FIFA 21. FIFA have verified that the colourful event will soon be heading to FIFA Mobile tomorrowbut what exactly does this mean to the console version of this football sim?

    Carniball's Back.It's the information we've all been hoping for, Carniball is making an appearance in FIFA 21. EA confirmed the news in their official FIFA Mobile accounts this evening.As of today, it is just FIFA Mobile that has had the advertising officially revealed, but what does this mean for the voucher's potential arrival on PlayStation and Xbox?

    Carniball coming to FUT?Despite many presuming the Winter Refresh would be on its way, EA did not release any major promotional content Friday.The ICON Swaps two came at Ultimate Team, however there was no successor to the Future Stars promo.That implies the door is opting for a promo to arrive this week, and it looks like Carniball could function as one on its way.Release Date.Carniball did not feature on FIFA 20, so understandably it is release this season was at doubt.But the affirmation of some FIFA Mobile launch has got tails .

    The FUT 19 variant arrived on March 8, therefore a launch this Friday (February 26) could be a little early compared, but not a thousand miles out.What into Expect.In a nutshell, even lots of colourful, vibrant new cards, together having a few enormous upgrades.The promotional event targets a multitude of major parties from eight unique countries around the planet, namely.So expect to find players from these eight nations comprise, with a few end-game level buy FIFA Mobile Coins cards that will stay in and around the starting eleven for the rest of this FIFA year.