I would also consider enhancing the combat system

  • You're currently the OSRS gold head of a huge multiplayer game and also have improved influence. There is an issue though: what do you need to do? If I were the head of Runescape I would acknowledge not only is Runescape struggling but the genre is struggling (see World of Warcraft for example). However, one similar game is going strong and that's League of Legends. I would not copy what League of Legends is doing but attempt to check at some things you can learn from this match.

    I would also consider enhancing the combat system. At the moment the battle system is fun for PvM but futile for PvP. Since PvM is almost entirely members only most new players will never receive a flavor of PvM. Therefore I propose reforming the system a bit so it is compatible with PvP. Right now the battle system is way too strong and offensively based for PvP. Perhaps adding in more defensive abilities and reducing the ability of attack skills at least at the presence of gamers would be a step in the perfect direction. And of course I'd listen to the gamers for ideas. Jagex has always been doing this however, even if not with 100% efficiency.

    We've already completed one world event and we are more than halfway through the second, so I think it's a good time to make comparisons and decide which one we like better. I liked the first one better, partly because it was brand new and I had more of a reason to take part (get warpriest, which I believed was going to be the very best freeplay armor. Got nerfed though). Here are some other reasons:

    1, The failure is not murdered. I think many storylines (like the cave goblin one) will shed some of their potency if you kill off Bandos. Sure, the quests occur previously, but is it significant whether he's just going to die anyway? At the first one, Zamorak has been kicked out, but I assume he is still hanging around Runescape and has a strong and loyal following. He's nowhere close irrelevant/dead and appears in Missing Presumed Death (that I presume takes place cheap RS gold after the first world event).