It's inflexible in how it has been rammning updates

  • Basically, with the OSRS gold massive shift to battle in general, just how has armour shifted? From what I have seen, I have these questions: Armor no more give attack bonuses, what incentive do I have to say in my class-appropriate armor? The new d'hide/ purple robes/ rune seem to possess exactly the same defensive/life bonuses. How can that work? Are such robes as protective as rune? Why will I use rune then Theroretically, as offensive bonuses no more come from armor, if I'm a safespotting mage/archer, sporting poor armor should not place me in any drawback in comparison with someone wearing the best possible armor. Is that correct?

    Not actually an armor question, but for instance, Spiders are weak to crush. How do I see their flaws in other classes? How can I tell which part of spell is most suited at dealing with them, or which kind of ammunition I should use? Or if I forget completely about attempting to use anything besides melee against them? I've heard most of the weapons are balanced today, is the same situation for armor? AKA will I be able to use chain mail against a crush competitor without dropping defensive bonuses? Square shields and Moderate helms too, did they get any updates which push them in to viability? I have to admit the new update is hugely confusing and I'm still trying to find out the basics. I appreciate some help. Thanks!

    As the Evolution of Combat update burns away at Runescape's players, one of the battle cries heard is,"Adapt or Die!" . This shout is usually heard from EoC fans on the premise that adaptation to change is a fantastic thing. Trouble is, people are toolmakers and thinkers, we are made to alter things to adapt the environment around us to our requirement. When that environment incorporates other people we will need to speak it out. Adaptation in the sense of accepting what another says must happen, is becoming a sheep.

    There are just two signs of intellect, focus and flexibility. Jagex has neither. It's inflexible in how it has been rammning updates through, and its concentration is on dollars not individuals. The issue originates in how Jagex communicates. At the core the Runescape forums are the core of the matter. Forums are where Jagex and players can talk and get Runescape rolling . Perhaps Jagex believes that adapting itself to copy all other MMOs will keep Runescape out of dying. A twist on adapt or perish. But the real answer is that Jmods are confined to how and who they talk to. It is a matter of time, they could only talk to a few people per day. Most Jmods will have a small choice of players cheap RuneScape gold they speak to, if any. Those relationships will have been established over time and basically be"Yes!" With Fmods (a few of them disguised Jmods) stamping out any dissent on forums.