People post beautiful screenshots of their buddies hanging out

  • I got 100 hours from Animal Crossing Bells and I do not regret it, but I only feel like there's something more to be gained from the match that the devs have not enabled me to encounter.

    I had been worried about just how much emphasis there seemed to be about crafting coming into ACNH, since I don't like crafting in games, and so much my concerns were warranted. I played daily until a few weeks back and there is just no forward push to the match making me want to log in and advancement. I played with New Leaf for years and never tired of itand now I can't be fussed to even log into more than once weekly. Additionally, COVID made me play a lot more in the start, although not needing an away-from-home lunch break has really made me play less; it used to be an hour every day was built in only for AC, and now it is not.

    Honestly the biggest disappointment for me personally is how hollow all of the villagers are. Landscaping and decorating got a nice boost this time, I'd rather they concentrate on fleshing out our interactions with our villagers on the next iteration.

    I agreeit seems just like villagers have only become set dressing at this stage. They exist solely to accommodate the player as opposed to feeling like real characters that mostly want to do their own thing. There's also just eight villager personalities so you're guaranteed to get duplicates in your town.

    For me personally, it is how nice I could make everything seem, and then it's absolutely meaningless.

    People post beautiful screenshots of their buddies hanging out, but not one of the things DO anything. I'd like it if you can have all sorts of minigames as you move. If I put up two football goals in an area and use some kind of tool to designate the area as a field, give me a cheeky little soccer minigame. If my friends come in my house, let us all play buy Animal Crossing New Horizons Items some darts or even a board game.