You now owe enough money to cause financial ruin for an entire

  • Granted, but Animal Crossing Items works the exact same manner with debt. Remember that game of Civilization you played in 1997, where your empire went bankrupt?

    You now owe enough money to cause financial ruin for an entire top 10 state. Money you get are worth next to nothing, because you're broke and have a'junk' credit score. Interest is extreme.

    Edit: Certainly hope you did not play Stellaris.

    I could just download some readily modded game and use it to put on a sh*tload of ingame currency to pay off my debt, and then some.Energy is the currency, so I guess. The GDP of earth is a small drop compared to late game Stellaris, where you've Dyson spheres and mass extractors and a galaxy broad empire.Congratulations, you get thousands of video game coins in their bodily form, but aren't legal tender and therefore can't be used at all (if you don't discover a means to transport video game things to the real world)!

    I mean, if I have tens of thousands of golden bells I could probably still sell them to get a Fantastic buck

    Allowed, but your balance in the game always stays zero. That means that you may never buy upgrades/progress from the buy Animal Crossing Bells making it nearly impossible to make money in any way.