I believe it's fair to say that it's a lot of misplaced anger

    These people New Horizons Items aren't anti-racist or antifa and if you confuse every person left of you for being precisely the exact same thing you are likely to continue being confused on that point.Well I was joking one and two I'd bet you a large amount of money the girl that said she was for segregation considers herself . I would also point out this antifa Is Really fascist which was the joke I had been making

    I didn't know that was the Particular definition of fascism... but I would say rioting and using violence since people have differing opinions then you is pretty fascist

    It might also be communist, liberal, monarchist even state so. Not that I enjoy riots mind you, they're the most senseless form of political violence, so they change nothing in absolute. Fascism is much more complex than simply political violence, any political scientist, and scholar by that thing, will tell you . Anyhow, not that I like antifa thoughts you

    And trump is worst then Hitler /s (I actually found somebody who said those exact words)

    I believe it's fair to say that it's a lot of misplaced anger. Justified anger, but geared towards the incorrect ends. I'm needing to assume , but I envision this woman has probably faced a lot of criticism for"unprofessional" hair styles, when she wore her hair in organic black fashions. And she has internalized that criticism as an attack on her identity. When she saw this thread she took it needing to shield her individuality. Again, I could be completely off, entirely wrong, and speaking out her ass, but I see a lot of Woke hypocrisy getting upvoted as if the whole progressive movement is like this, but the truth is it is only people misplacing their anger.

    I disagree. The initial outrage was over somebody giving their creature crossing personality buns and some person stating buy Animal Crossing Items they had been appropriating black culture. Some people just want to play with the victim and be professionally offended at everything since victims get attention.