It's similar to that video in which that woman attacks a man

  • My purpose is Animal Crossing Bells they (generally ) are not calling you racist because wearing clothing is tacky, or because they are just mean people. It is because of a frustration of double standards. Should you grow up needing to defend your civilization, trying to tell people it is not ghetto or trashy or so on, and then one day you turn around and see somebody else taking facets of your civilization since it looks fine, and no one gives them any shit for this, you can have two responses: be glad that some people are starting to take it longer, or be angry that people get to enjoy it without facing the same discrimination you did. Jealousy and envy aren't good, but they are clear. And thus the conversation should be to try and change them back over to being pleased that the civilization is being more widespread accepted.

    In your original post you talked about defending the identity predicated on years of experiencing oppression, which is completely legit. But that's now how the event that contributed to the happened.

    It's similar to that video in which that woman attacks a man with dreadlocks while saying"stop appropriating my culture" over and over again. People made the same remarks like you did, but the fact is, she didn't give him a very long speech about how she understands that dreadlocks are shared across the Earth, but she's still sensitive to it seeing white people with guards, because for a very long time black individuals have been told that they're filthy and do not look like actual people unless they straighten their hair.

    No, instead she was smiling while assaulting him was an arrogant piece of shit. If you want to discuss the nuance of a circumstance, then you have not be ignorant yourself. The nuance is not a shield you can just slide under the door once buy Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells you have acted like a total bully.