Fort are still areas for buy PSO2 Meseta

  • The core of the Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta game is strong, although refinement is needed, and thankfully it seems the Echtra staff is actually receptive to participant suggestions and concerns. During their comments already, we have seen major changes to the leveling system, itemization, we have seen Wardrobes added, and Dusk Mage capacities corrected.

    The individual leveling of Frontiers is a really nice feature in Alpha three. In TLF, Frontiers are basically"Biomes" or themed regions of the game. So while your personality does not have an overall degree, he or she is able to get better at fighting in zones. In Alpha 3, We've Got the Goblin Forest and the Infested Forest. The Goblin Forest has you fighting whereas the Infested Forest dinosaurs are inclined to deal poison damage.

    The issue with this is that while you've quests directing one to every early on, to be really successful you need to be swapping sets of equipment. The Wardrobes help with this, which can be Phantasy Star Online 2 Mesetad on your Fort, but it's an inelegant solution at best up to now. You still need to go to the fort and swap the things, or risk keeping a really full stock, which is far too meager on distance right now. An answer, in my book, would be to create Weapon Types more in different Frontiers to armor types. I do not mind having to keep gear sets, and at a ARPG, that is part of the fun. However, Echtra should restrict the amount between swapping through frontiers in future builds of fuss.

    I am reminded it's in games like D3 or PoE to swap weapon sets with the push of a button. The Wardrobe should become what you have different"Sets" for, and may swap between at will, without affecting your carrying capacity. Give players 2 sets to start, so they can have a spare, then since TLF will be F2P, fee for more. The Statues that are currently in the Fort are still areas for buy PSO2 Meseta players to show off things, but maybe make it that said thing doesn't need to remain to be exhibited.