Ripped off from cheap nba 2k21 mt

  • Wow, I gotta give to the nba 2k21 mt coins mods here, that pinned comment is some elegant you'd never find the R/news mods doing this

    THIS HAPPENS EVERY YEAR N None of you GIVE A , JUST SKIP TO THE PART WHERE"regular gamers" and"I havent bought a sports game in insert years" go back to not giving a about sports games like yall always perform, unless yall gont create some real change occur

    I have bought the last three once they went on sale as a major hockey fan who's otherwise not into sports or sports matches, and was surprised all the I read about NBA was not in this franchise as well.

    I'm honestly not sure precisely why. But one reason is absolutely that hockey as a game isn't nearly as popular in the US as basketball. And as such I am also gonna presume the games don't sell as well.

    I do not play the game, but I am upset because should they get off with this one, it's merely a matter of time before it occurs to MY game.

    They want to charge you 70 ing bucks for this . 70 ing dollars and the sport not only has all those backgrounds ads together with the midroll replay advertisements in which they flash a logo in the beginning, but they also have their digital currency system they ripped off from cheap nba 2k21 mt mobile games along with loot boxes.

    You ever notice how indie games aren't doing this ? Hell, you ever notice how even AA games such as the just trigger series aren't doing this ? Or for that matter, games like elite dangerous, no person's sky, and others.