Madden 21 coins make a mid-high budget

  • This is the reason I'd love a game that's basically a madden or 2k clone only with no certified stuff and no p2w or unnecessary grinding.

    I'm awaiting a few ballsy competitor to Madden 21 coins make a mid-high budget on the top sports game such as the NBA/NFL street franchise. The Bigs 2 did not even go that on the top and it had been amazing, but for regular vanilla sports games there is just so much that you can do if trying to stick to a'faithful depiction of ________'.

    Ordinarily a string would need to brag in their brand new gameplay to draw people in, EA can't do this since they stick to the same principles for the same league for the same game. So rather they brag about them shifting their kick mechanisms back and forth between joystick and button every year.

    If people stopped sending them million dollar invoices to dry their eyes they'd probably find a reason to quit yelling about"dooming the market".

    The day EA got the exclusive rights to run NFL matches was the afternoon Madden also stopped trying. I think later like Madden 08 we've been playing the same game ever since. It is trash now. Boring, predictable trash.

    The NFL deserves all the blame, Any anger in EA for its downfall of Mmoexp Mut 21 coins is misdirected.The NFL was not pleased with NFL 2k5 lowering their price, they believed that the NFL was a superior brand and should not have a bargain price.