Amount of things that were added to OSRS

  • It is correct that it won't 100% remove the bots but with the new engine they can produce new tools that could fight these bots plus OSRS gold is doing much better compared to osrs for handling bots.

    Y'all are doing a great job. Thank you. There were large chunks of time in the past 2 years that I've been away from the sport and with the amount of things that were added to OSRS, there is is a lot in the game that's a whole mystery to me. There's so much now. I just recently finished Song of the Elves (beautiful pursuit by the way) and found that the gauntlet, which I only knew of in name.

    For me personally, it is the ideal introduction to more dexterous items such as directors and raids. It also reminds me of Dungeoneering also it gave me a tiny laugh to remember some people saying"Dungeoneering should have been a minigame".

    I enjoy how Blade of Saeldor is soft locked behind different tasks to acquire crystals out of gauntlet to farming, to iron powermining.

    I enjoy that I can get good and move up to Cheap Rs gold reddish style.

    I believe that they ought to be given much more muting energy, but if it's abused, they should be perm banned. There has already been tons of instances of pmod energy misuse, together with fewer mods and less power.