What are the benefits of upgrading your Steam account?

  • Steam account-level promotion is definitely beneficial. Because most people only use Steam accounts to play games. It may even accumulate a lot of items that can be used for Steam Level Up in its inventory.

    The first is to increase the number of friends. You can add more friends to facilitate communication and exchange Steam trading cards with each other. Each level increases by 5. But the basic friends are enough, especially for some players who don't like social. Will you add more than 50 friends to play the game?

    The second is to increase personal information display cabinets. Every tenth level increases by one. This is the most fundamental thing for players who are keen on Steam Level Up. Of course, it is useful for all players, you can add it to the profile interface to show what you want to show. Your game, your hobby, your design, etc.

    The third is to increase the drop rate of the steam level booster. This item will contain 3 Steam trading cards, and may even contain aluminum foil cards. This is also the player's favorite thing because the rare value is high and it can be sold at a good price. Synthesizing rare aluminum foil badges is also a good thing to show off.

    But you need to log in to Steam every week to maintain your qualifications. And no one knows what the basic drop rate is. Although knowing that its drop rate will increase by 20% for every tenth level increase, it can be doubled at the 50th level. But if the basic drop rate is 1%, even if it doubles, it will only be 2%.

    According to the players who Buy Steam Level Up on mmoso, apart from saving time and money, they upgrade their Steam level to play and show off. Just like a card game, collect cards, synthesize badges, get rewards, and there are rare cards and badges to collect. Chat emoticons, profile backgrounds, and game achievements can all make them more confident in the Steam community after the game. Players with high Steam levels are also more likely to attract other people's attention, and your sharing will be watched by more people.