Last few steps

  • The last steps of how to sell your Steam trading card and get free Steam points will be shared with you today. Hope to help you complete the Steam Level Up plan.

    Step 4: Sell your card in the market
    Once you have the cards available, you will want to list them on the market to earn some Steam Wallet funds. This process is a bit slow, but if you have a lot of cards, you can get a lot of money.

    To view the inventory, click the envelope icon in the upper right corner, and then click "(X) items in inventory". Click on the "Steam" category to view Steam trading cards. Select a trading card, scroll to the bottom, and click the "Sell" button.

    The system will display the average market price chart of the card, allowing you to choose the price of the card to be listed. Choose a price, agree to the Steam agreement, and click "OK, sell it."

    Repeat this process for all trading cards you want to sell. Or go to the Steam market for bulk pending orders.

    Step 5: Approve transactions from the mobile application
    Even after these cards are listed in your inventory, they will still not be available on the market. Instead, you need to open the Steam app on your smartphone, click the menu, and then click "Confirm". You will see all the cards you tried to list.

    Select them one by one, and then click "Confirm Selection" to confirm that you want to sell these cards.

    Step 6: Relist unsold cards later
    You can sit down now and watch the free Steam credit transfer to your account.

    If the card is still not sold after a period of time, you can go to Community> Market in Steam to view the cards that have not been purchased. You can remove these cards from the market and list them at a lower price in the hope that they can be sold. You can check the selling price and expected value of other players below, but it is recommended that you do not sell at a lower price. You can keep it for Steam Level Up.

    Step 7: Follow more cards and repeat
    After you get the game-related "dropped cards" in your account, Steam will sometimes provide you with "enhancement pack" cards for the game, and you can also sell these cards to get more free Steam points. You only need to log in to your Steam account at least once a week to qualify. If you haven't turned off Steam's power-on self-start permission, there is almost no need to worry.

    Game developers are still adding cards to old games. After all, these cards can make money, so please check them out in the future. Even if you have not purchased any more games, it is very likely that you will get a trading card for the games you previously owned.

    When the game is new and expensive, trading cards are usually worth more. You may be able to sell trading cards for the new version of the $60 game for 25 to 30 cents each, and as the price of the game itself drops, these trading cards may drop to 6 cents or less. Therefore, when you are buying expensive games, it is worth selling these cards around the game's release date instead of holding them.

    Many players who buy Steam Level Booster actually want to increase the drop rate of booster packs, thereby increasing their chances of obtaining rare cards. After all, no one buys the cards of popular games, and the number of popular game cards is large and the value is low. However, some hard-to-obtain cards in popular games, such as aluminum foil cards, are of high value and there are more players in need, which can help players make more profits.