How to improve Steam level

  • To obtain a long list of friends, more personal information display cabinets, and a higher probability of falling boosters, many players like to play a game to make their own

    The steam level increased. The most exaggerated is the highest level player St4ck. Due to players' demand for level upgrades, Buy Steam Level Up's service also came into being.

    The easiest way
    On the Steam profile page, you can complete some basic tasks, such as playing a game, browsing guides, commenting, or sharing pictures. When you have completed all the basic tasks in the community, you can get a community leader badge worth 500XP. Basically, you can upgrade from level 0 to level 5. This is the first suggestion. But continue to pay attention to community activities. The Steam platform will release some activities from time to time. Actively participate in these activities. The rewards are abundant.

    Free method
    The free method is actually after you complete the basic community tasks, you should know some. Yes, that is the badge. Different from completing basic community tasks to get badges, each game has its own badge. When you are playing a game, the system will randomly drop some cards of the game, which are used to synthesize badges. You need to be aware that not every game has a badge mechanism, and the number of cards you get for free is only a few. You need to trade with other players. If you successfully create a badge, you can get 100XP, and each badge can be upgraded 5 times, with a bonus of 100xp each time.

    Ways to spend money
    The first is to buy games, each game will add 1 point XP. Is it almost equal to nothing? The real purpose is to play the game. The experience gained in the first 499 games is the most, and there will be almost none in the future. This game is of no value to the experience improvement. The steam experience gained in the first 10 games is about 100xp per game, and from 100 to 499 games, it reaches a peak of 250xp per game.

    The second is to directly Buy Steam Level Up. Merchants can help you upgrade quickly through their own inventory and various channels. It is very time-consuming to play games and find channels to trade cards. It is better to design your own personal steam interface with the time saved, and you can also do more things you like.