Will you buy these Steam trading cards?

  • The Steam trading card is a must for players who are keen to show off on the Steam platform. Some game developers will set up a trading card badge mechanism, which is applied to the steam platform. On the one hand, a 10% interest is charged in the transaction of the steam trading card in the steam market. On the other hand, it also makes the game more playable and reasonable, reflecting the quality of the game. The badges, emojis, and profile backgrounds obtained through the steam transaction card are all costume designs of a certain game, especially some rare designs. Because of the small quantity, the transaction price is high.

    Cloud Hound Card is a three-eyed green monster with many teeth. It seems to be singing and biting. The game So Many Me has received rave reviews, and the price of cards designed in this way remains high for a while. The price of a Cloud Hound aluminum foil card is generally above US$20.

    Fast Destroyer's aluminum foil card is the most expensive card. It belongs to the game unlimited tanks, the content is to balance speed and mobility, and powerful firepower and the average selling price is $1. The Banked Turn card of Rocket Ski Racing is also priced very high. This extremely rare aluminum foil card is worth more than $1. Crystal Caverns aluminum foil cards are priced at $0.25. Belongs to the game: the will of the gods. As if in the far north, there is an epic battlefield calling for players. El Condor Pasa is very popular among Japanese players, and it is worth $1.50.

    Cursed Lands is the RPG dating simulation game of Winter Wolves. The Jasper foil card seems a bit like Titanic. Among them, the price of products on the market reached $1,725.00. Warside's Faceless aluminum foil card has no new players to join, and the price has increased to $ 1,851.63. The Hooligan Sister D aluminum foil card from Mighty Switch Force is an unexpectedly popular and valuable card with an actual value of more than $6.

    Like the above-mentioned cards, there is False Front's humorous bulldozer character card. The price of the dinosaur skeleton aluminum foil card from Forgotten Lore is $1,800.00. Because these cards are scarce in number and there are not so many players, the price is expensive. Like today's hot CSGO cards, the price is only a few cents. Because it is not scarce, there are many players selling, and the price is naturally very low. For the steam trading system, the value is not high.

    Just like some players will buy Steam Level Up because there are few players with high levels, it is almost difficult to see players over 1000. When a certain steam player reached level 5000, it also set off a wave. Of course, his cost was nearly 250,000 US dollars. Would you choose to buy rare cards from these less popular games? I still spend it on the Buy Steam Level Up and enrich my steam profile interface.