How to sell your Steam trading cards in bulk

  • What you need to know before operation
    You need to provide Steam with your name, address, and social security number, have your own Wallet and add funds. Steam limits the number of Marketplace transactions in a year to 200. It is a restriction imposed by the Internal Revenue Service, but you only need to pay taxes after your sales exceed $20,000.

    Then you need to determine which card you want to sell. You need to choose the cards that you will use to upgrade your Steam profile, and earn 100 Steam Profile XP from the perfect trading card set to upgrade your Steam Level Up. Finally, there are some verification procedures. Of course, it refers to players who have added the Steam mobile authentication application. You need to wait for the program to approve your transaction.

    The fastest bulk transaction method
    First, navigate to your Steam profile.  Next, click on your profile level indicator directly to the right of your profile name. Then, click on any game to view the trading card information for that game. The "sell these cards on the market" button is the next step you need to click. Then you can navigate to the sales interface where Steam automatically fills in the market price for each card. Agree to the terms in the lower-left corner and click "Create List". After that, you can use the back arrow to navigate back to the deck progress window and select the next set of cards to sell.

    This method is the fastest way to sell trading cards in bulk, and your card will be sold quickly at its latest price. Although generally, the value of each card is only a few cents, all the money flowing into your Steam wallet is enough for you to buy a cheap game. Of course, if you have rare cards, some difficult to obtain, or aluminum foil cards, their value may be very high.

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