Share games with Steam Family Sharing

  • Steam Family Sharing allows you, your mates, to share games while keeping your accounts separate.

    With Steam's easy-to-use feature, you, your pals, and your loved ones can play one another's games while earning your achievements and saving your personal game progress through Steam Cloud.

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    To enable Family Sharing and authorize a shared library, you and also whoever you want to discuss your games with first ought to activate Steam Guard.

    You can do this by logging into your Steam account using your laptop, navigating to Settings, then select the Account tab.

    Once you're there, click "Manage Steam Guard account security" and select either "Get Steam Guard codes in the Steam app on my own phone" or "Get Steam Guard codes to re-login by email".

    After creating Steam Guard, head back into Settings, proceed to the Family tab, click "Authorize Library Sharing with this computer," and select who you want to discuss your library with. You can select approximately five families at a time.

    From your Library, you'll easily be able to see games belonging to other users linked with your account.

    To request access, decide on a game and merely click "Request Access." This will send the proprietor an email that has a link that will allow that you play games inside their library.

    Before you are ready to share the game with your family and friends, Buy Steam Level Up is an effective way for you to show yourself. You will become the game master they want to ask.