Will Steam China be officially launched?

  • Perfect World and Valve will soon release a public beta version of Steam China. This is an independent version of Steam that will provide selected Steam games that comply with Chinese regulations. The beta version will start on February 9th. Although it will use a different client from Valve's international version of Steam, any current Steam account should be able to log in to the Chinese version. You will probably invest in Steam Level Up with tens of millions of Chinese players.

    Daniel Ahmad, a senior analyst at game marketing analytics company Niko Partners, published a Twitter post that provided detailed information about the public beta. "Dota 2" and "Counter-Strike: Global Offensive" will be the first games to use the new version of the Steam Chinese platform, and once Chinese players register, their progress in these games should be transferred from the international version of Steam.

    Steam China only provides games approved by Chinese regulatory agencies. Ahmad said that current international Steam accounts should be able to access any games on Steam China that also have Chinese SKUs. It is not clear whether progress will be transferred in one or two ways in each game.

    Ahmed stated that it is unclear whether the arrival of Steam China means that the Chinese government will take action to prevent the international version of Steam from within its borders-he explained, "Steam has always been operating in a gray area within China," Currently offering games that are illegal under Chinese law. Once Steam China is officially launched, the international version is likely to be unavailable.

    The launch of Steam China may have an important impact on Steam users in other parts of the world, and may even have games such as Devotion that contain content that Chinese players consider unacceptable or illegal in China. Steam China will also need better Chinese localization to display games on the platform, but Valve and Perfect World will also make it easier for small and medium developers to obtain the resources needed to enter the Chinese market.

    After Steam is banned by China, it is still cooperating with Perfect World to improve the independent version according to Chinese laws and regulations. It seems that the Chinese market will not be abandoned. If you are a player of these two games. Hurry up and Buy Steam Level Up, you will be able to communicate and share with tens of millions of players, and perhaps gain a large number of Chinese fans.