How to add friends with limited Steam account

  • If you cannot add friends, your account is restricted. There are two situations. One is the restriction of new users, and the other is the restriction of a large number of illegal operations. There are also three ways to add friends. One of them is possible.

    The first is to enter the friend code, and the corresponding player information will be displayed below the input box. Then you can enter the friend's profile interface by clicking. After that, there will be a link to add friends at the top right of the page. This is an unpassable method.

    The second is to find the above-mentioned profile interface by directly searching the profile name of the friend, and then add it.

    The third is the way you add friends when your account is restricted. At the bottom of the page where you enter the friend code, there is a way to send a quick invitation. It looks like you can't add others, but in fact, this is your only way. Of course, the premise is that you communicate with your friend, ask him to send you his quick link, and then you can add him as a friend. Because restricted users are also prohibited from commenting in the community, it is also impossible for you to post your quick links in the Steam community. The way of a quick link is gone. Traditionally, the process of sending a request first, and then the other party agrees. When you open each other's quick link, you become friends.

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