How to Maintain Your Grill Mat

  • A BBQ Grill Bag can be more beneficial than using foil or a grilling pan. With a BBQ Grill Bag , you don’t have to worry about aluminum foil falling apart when you flip your food. They provide a clean surface to cook without leaving a mess afterward.A mat for grill works with temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit (260 C). A BBQ grill mat has a non-stick surface that can be cut to any size or shape. They are top-rack dishwasher safe, or you can hand wash them.


    You are a few best practices for the best grilling experience::

    Check the grill mat for cracks before and after every use. If you see any signs of degradation, it is best to throw it away.

    Don’t use a coarse material to clean the grill mat. It is best to be gentle when cleaning the mat to avoid scratching the coated surface.

    Don’t overuse the grill mat. The instructions on the packing of the Txyicheng grill mat will mention the uses allowed per side. Don’t exceed that limit.

    Avoid using sticky sauces while grilling because you may end up scraping the grill mat when trying to get it off.

    Don’t overheat the grill mat. Due to the presence of PTFE in all grill mats, the FDA recommends keeping the grill temperature under 500°F (260°C). 350°F to 400°F (176°C to 205°C) is optimal.

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