I mean the biggest pro and con is this really is a classic serv

  • The flying time cd has to do something with you pressing space to aion classic kinah early again and the wings are open for 0.01 seconds but you even watched them. It did occur to me several times but dont give it the game the error when its you.

    Best PvP expertise in any MMO I've played thus far. BnS is a close second, however it's a different style, and intensely p2w. The main reason I feel the PvP in Aion trumps BnS (which is automatically far superior) is due to the reason for PvP.

    -Aion is a sport you don't need to force yourself to RP in. The game barely feels like a match. It's more of a simulation. It is a war, and war is unfair. The game isn't meant to be balanced, but reality makes it feel so much more like real life. The classes have balance certain, but it's never an even playing field.

    -The PvP point system (Abyss Points) is well thought out, and it forces the player to think about risk/reward. The higher your position, the less things you get from murdering low ranks, and also the more things they get for killing you. You receive bonuses for being a higher position though like transformations, and accessibility to better gear. PvP has so much purpose, there's always a reason to kill the enemy.

    The proc system gives you that little chance of endorphins every time it goes off. It's simple to understand what is beneficial, and it enhances the PvP encounter by forcing you out in the shit.

    -Community is inherently poisonous because of the character of war. This is not a game that breeds friendship between factions. Players getting possessed out in the field is going to be mad if you don't show face to lend a hand. Imagine being in the military and hiding in a trench that the entire war instead of taking some shots. Folks might get pissed at their faction mates for not showing up to siege.

    I mean... you can read the replies in your questions in the beneficial and informative articles you mention. The pros of the game are that it's probably the best tab goal combat, excellent PVE and PVP (best PVP in my opinion), courses feel right and the feeling of progression (visual and power-wise) is wonderful. The cons are that it's very grindy and a few areas turn into zerg fests. However, if you are into receptive world pvp which shouldn't bother you a lot. Other than that... you've got wings and can fly (around a big-ass sunlight in the space, or so called Abyss, how cool is that).

    Aion is my most favourite MMORPG ever and if Gameforge brings a classic variant to EU I will be paying any price for it. As it stands out, I will not be playing NA as the combat is quite ping-reliant and I enjoy the scout classes the most (Ranger and Assassin).

    I mean the biggest pro and con is this really is a classic server. It is a game published in a period of time where people had different expectations in their mmos. However, in addition, it has its shortcomings from that. People will probably be banking on having a classic encounter, but additionally be different because the player base differs. See how min/maxed the raiding scene became in wow. On KR at least, there is a massive botting problem because the developed scripts for this still work. At the same time, Ncsoft certainly did not help it with its monetization changes. Someone can make tens of thousands of accounts for bots and don't pay a cent with the hour long free trial. They also introduced a battlepass with an additional paid alternative for euro aion classic buy kinah 25 bucks that give items which may help you with progression.